James S. York

Building Bridges Between the US & Estonia

A little about me


My professional life has afforded me the opportunity to work with shape-shifting robots, travel broadly, and work hand-in-hand with passionate entrepreneurs and professionals across a broad spectrum of sectors - from e-commerce to Virtual Reality and recruitment, just to name a few.

Entrepreneurial and technology-focused in everything that I do, I’m known for getting things done and being able to focus on the little details without losing sight of the big picture - bridging the gap between business, tech, and people to align vision with execution.

I hold a degree in International and Global Studies from the NYU Tandon School of Engineering Polytechnic Institute and am an avid systems thinker. I've (briefly) been a stockbroker on Wall Street, and have managed one of the highest profile public real estate portfolios in New York City.

I cut my teeth in the business of technology working with innovative and inspiring global-minded startups throughout Europe and New York; helping them to grow sustainably, optimize their sales pipelines and systematize their operations to facilitate productive changes in their business.

After years of working hand-in-hand with amazing teams across a wide swath of verticals and technologies as an independent management consultant, I founded a strategic marketing agency in New York City, proudly working with impactful small businesses, innovative startups and passionate NPOs, helping to turn their unique ideas into extraordinary action.

And while I'm currently based in my native New York, I spent years living and working abroad in the small Nordic nation of Estonia, the "Silicon Valley" of Europe, where they have been discreetly driving innovation on a global scale, incubating the likes of Skype, Fits.me, GrabCAD, Transferwise, e-Residency, Starship Technologies, and many other game changers in the world of technology, startups and e-governance.

Today I have the pleasure and privilege to be the bridge between my native and adopted homes, serving as the Director of US Business and Innovation for Enterprise Estonia, working from the offices of the Consulate General of Estonia in New York.


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